Convenience of Working at Home

I just gave birth to a son 4 months ago. I decided to
quit my job, and went for the options of rent to own
laptop because I was going with a new kind of work set
up. I wanted to be a stay-at-mom so that I could focus
on the growth of my baby. My husband has a full-time job
with a lot of benefits, we used his health care benefits
for my birth, and so I know that I could rely on him for
most of my family needs. That was the primary reason why
I thought that I could stay at home.


Now, I met someone who was working from home for extra
money, and it really worked for her, because she was
able to decide on her own schedule, and did not have to
clock in some hours. With that, she was able to earn a
lot of money, because she was most productive at night,
when her son was asleep, and did not have to worry about
the hours if her son needed more attention.

Knowing this, I followed suit when I became well enough,
and I took in a few hours initially. Because I didn’t
have a laptop to work with, and I wasn’t sure if this
set up would work for me, I decided that I wanted to
rent to own my laptop, just in case I wasn’t interested
with continuing with this set up in the future. It’s a
good thing, though, that I do like my work, and I feel
that I am gaining more income than how much my payment
for the laptop is. Now, I think I am happy with working
from home, and I didn’t have to spend for a laptop that
I may not use in the future!


Fitness at Home

I honestly am not a fan of those gym subscriptions. So, I eventually went with a rent to own gym setup. I find myself signing up for one, usually at a low rate because I pay for one year in advance, but I end up going just probably 2-3 times in a month, and I feel like it’s just wasteful. I realize that I find so many excuses that will get me out of gym time.. I have to use my time to go to the grocery, to go to the mall, to watch a movie, and so on. The list of excuses always continues really long, and it is only when I really pull myself together when I am able to drag myself to the gym, for a 30-minute slow walk exercise. What a waste of money!


I also notice that my husband is quite the same as me. He also isn’t so very fit, and he finds so many ways to not go, like he is too tired after a long day of work, or he cannot find his running shoes, he has no clothes to wear to the gym, and whatever other excuse he can think of.

These excuses can easily be resolved if we only had a gym at home. And so, that’s what we did! Because we didn’t want to give out a lump sum immediately, learning our lesson from our gym memberships, so we just wanted to take it a bit slow, and bit a more safe, to not spend so much in one go, and so we opted to go with a rent to own option, just to make sure that we are able to back out if we find ourselves not using the equipment. I think I made the smarter decision this way, and I’m quite happy that it is working out better for my husband and myself.

Rent to Own Home Appliances in Beenleigh

I added an entertainment center!

So, I have expanded our home in the back to include an
additional family room, which I wanted to set up as an
entertainment center. I knew that buying the
entertainment center would already be too expensive, on
top of the renovations, so I decided to do a rent to own
appliances set up. I live in Beenleigh, and I had heard
of options of doing that, since a friend of mine had
done the same thing, when he bought a new dining table
and chairs, and loved how it came off in easy terms,
that I decided to do the same as well.


Spending for a new area at home is not cheap. The money
I had set aside for the entire room, was mostly consumed
by the renovations costs, and a few other improvements I
had at home, which I admit, I did not pay much attention
to initially, thinking that I was well into the budget.
But, I did not get to keep track of the expenses, and
well, I ended up spending for the construction more than
I wanted to, and didn’t have much cash on hand left for
the entertainment center to fill it up later on.

Since I remember my friend talking about rent to own
appliances, I decided to do the same with my
entertainment center! It’s costing me so much less than
what I think I would have paid on, if I went with a bank
loan, and it’s less pressure on me. I’m glad that I was
also able to get the full center that I was hoping to
get. Honestly, before I thought of this, I was just
planning on getting a huge TV and speakers initially,
and then later on some additional gadgets and sofas, but
now that I can do a rent to own setup, I got everything
in one go.

The Smart Move with Appliances

I move around a lot because of work. Sometimes I get to stay
in a location for a year or two, and then have to move again.
For the longest time, I have been okay with living pretty much
out of a suitcase, and not owning anything valuable, but I
decided to settle down, and thought about planting some roots.
Since I am not very liquid, but I did want to start owning
some things, I decided to do what I consider is the smartest
thing in a situation like mine, and went having a setup of
rent to own appliances. I think it was the best move I have
done, because it locks me down with some of the things I want
to have in my home, but, also gives me some way to give them
up should I want to move again.


What I also really like about what I did is that I am able to
fill up my home with all the things I want, but I don’t have
to pay it off immediately. So, I was able to buy a bed, my
sofa, a dining table, a computer for personal use, my tv, and
the tv stand, my refrigerator, a washing mahine, and dryer.
Now, I really feel complete! I think this was the best
decision I could make with myself.

I mean, I really don’t think I am going to be moving anywhere
else, but I think the going with a rent to own setup for my
appliances, is the best answer for all of my concerns. And,
who else can tell you that they were able to buy everything in
their home in one go? I certainly do not know anyone who’s
been able to have a fully functional home within a month.